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Welcome to Ormos

You fall in love with it at first sight because it is one of the strongest contenders for best view in the Tolo.

Ormos offers a varied menu featuring Greek cuisine. It is inspired by local ingredients and changes to reflect the seasons. Try the  handmade mixed plates or well stuffed wraps with an excellent Greek yogurt sauce.

A golden, sandy beach is lapped gently by the beautiful blue waters of the sea. Grab a seat under one of the big umbrellas and order a freshly-squeezed juice or a handmade granita. You  can also use the special beach chairs which can be placed in the water. You can drink your coffee or your cocktail literally on the waves, which creates an exotic sense. 


In the mood for a quick lunch?Try a club sandwich or the frankly delicious hamburger served with crispy French fries. Of course Ormos cooks up a range of delicious food which can provide you also a perfect dinner.

It’s just fascinating how Ormos manages to finely balance its modern, cosmopolitan nature with an unpretentious, friendly and relaxed atmosphere. It’s the kind of place you pop into for a coffee by the sea and end up staying the whole day. 

Further up, you’ll find an outdoor balcony seating area, where guests can enjoy their coffee or their meal  with a spectacular sea view…listening to nice lounge or soft Greek music which changes pace depending on the time.

Enjoy the view of the small islands Koronisi, Platia, Psili and the relaxed ambiance of the place.